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A new Anglo-Greek Food Company 

Pure from Mount Olympus

and Pieria

We understand the importance of great ingredients. We believe that our suppliers produce some of the finest organic and natural pure foods in Greece – all born of generations of tradition and a passion for quality and taste.

We are proud to work exclusively with traditional family and small-scale manufacturers who take personal satisfaction in creating only the highest quality all natural products of which most are organic.  We are dedicated to supporting the preservation of traditional foods and local food systems in Greece. We do this by supplying food lovers in the UK  with premium cultural foods that are all natural, fairly sourced, and delicious!

Our Partners

Traditional, all-organic foods and wines produced directly by The Monks and the community of the St. Dionysios Monastery. Being a free from pestices and non polluted conservation area, some of the worlds best honey is produced here.   Our privileged partnership with these unique people has become the foundation of Mt. Olympus Pure Foods.

 Anestis Babatzimopoulos is possibly the most charismatic, patriotic, passionate and articulate winemaker in the Greek industry.  He dedicated his life to building and cultivating his eco farm with winery and distillery  on 600 acres of organic land.  Here he produces the most extraordinary spirits and wines, still following the ancient traditions and skills passed down  by his ancestors.

How it all began - Our story...

On the same mountain trails that were once used by the ancient Greeks, 3 men who were trekking together, discovered they shared a connection with both the land and its history...

Our Food Philosophy & Beliefs

It’s said that “you are what you eat”. Well, whilst that’s true, it’s not the complete truth.
If you share an affinity, a connection with the land and the people who nurture and harvest that food, if you appreciate the history of the traditions and values that are reflected in its simple purity and healthy goodness – then the quality and taste are enhanced, by that deeper appreciation of the timeless contact with ancient culture and values.


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``People who try hard to do the right thing, always seem mad.``

Stephen King - The Stand.

Meet Our Team

Kostas Kapelas


Kostas is a native of Greece. He held positions in the catering and travel industry. Today, he is the owner of ” Total Health now” and he is passionate about helping people and improving their lives through holistic therapies.  Healthy and organic food is a must for him .  With his never ending energy and always present smile, it is impossible to feel “low” around him.  Kostas is our liaison  with Greece and he makes certain that  every party involved is treated with respect and is correctly rewarded  for their contribution .  He travels to Greece regularly to visit his family as well as hosting groups from the UK, combining culture and tradition with elements of his health system and good food.

Lana Kapelas


Lana is married to Kostas and is working  full time as a health consultant. She specialises  in nutrition, detox and how to  keep fit programmes. Having 2 little children, Pure, Natural and Organic food is  most important to her. She wants her little boy and girl to have the best start in life and this involves good healthy foods and beverages.

Lana is a wizard with social media and loves to tackle all of the issues that we come across with on this subject.  Besides this, she is managing  our events, sponsoring and free tastings.

Large  Food Corporates and globalization are weakening the local economy.  Small communities are being destroyed.  At Mount Olympus Pure Foods, we strive to support local communities in the beautiful, still unspoilt areas around the Mountain that is the “Home of the Gods” , so that they can be strengthened again. We love what we do and we believe that by doing so heritage food systems will be preserved.