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St. Dionysios

The Monastery of St.Dionysios is located In Mount Olympus National Park, on the East side of Mount Olympus. Several Monastic communities and small villages can be found on the mountain, but St. Dionysios is the largest and most famous of the monasteries.

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In 1543, Saint Dionysios founded the main Monastery that today bears his name  and is located 17 km from Litochoro. It is currently undergoing restoration works, it is now slowly being rebuilt remaining faithful to the original structure and materials. Saint Dionysios’ grave is to be found in the restored katholicon. Half an hour from the monastery on a wonderful walk through caves is Agion Spilaion (holy cave) where ascetics have lived as hermits and a source of holy water which is visited daily by many pilgrims.

In 1650 a second Monastery was built in the name of Saint Dionysios lower down the mountain, closer to the town of Litochoro. Here is where the Monks go about their work, including the production of food that can hardly be more pure.  In the new monastery, Metochio, live 24 monks  who  follow the formulary of Mount Athos.  It is located 3 km from Litochoro. It was transferred here by the fraternal order in 1950 after the Germans destroyed the main monastery in 1943. They receive many visitors throughout the year. The monastery has an amazing vestry(museum) which was inaugurated on 29th May 1999 by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and which houses precious heirlooms.

From 1989 on,  the Monastery  restituted an old tradition bequeathed by St. Dionysios, wich prohibits the entrance  for women.  Only men are allowed in the prohibited area. Here, the cells, the workshops, the dining room and the main church are located . The daily services are still celebrated here.

Located on the fertile slopes of Mount Olympus, the monks and local community harvest pure natural products directly from their own land and complement these with other pure foods from the community. The monks who reside in the monastery spend time with organic farming and produce fantastic organic produce, cheeses, honey, eggs…

These principles of simple yet exceptionally high quality goodness are the foundation for the St. Dionysios range.

Any visitor to the Monastery cant fail to be impressed with it’s calmness, peace and complete harmony with the natural surroundings of the Mountain of Olympus.

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St. Dionysios Monastery in the Mount Olympus Conservation Area

It doesn't get any purer than this...


The St. Dionysios range of pure foods & wines are carefully produced to bring you the simple, natural goodness of this beautiful, peaceful place. We’d like to invite you to join us in this wonderful place – read later how you can!

St. Dionysios wines are rightly recognised for their purity and quality as well as their wonderful taste. Our wines come from vineyards that are completely free from pollution and pesticides. They are cultivated in the natural way, with a history that can be traced across the centuries.

You will probably be already aware that the UK has lost around 50% of its bee  population in  the last couple of years. These are Nature’s Workers who provide us with  the health and  nutrition of honey.the golden food.  St. Dionysios honey is amongst the best in  the  world. It is gathered from local hives,  cared for in  traditional ways that have been  proven over many centuries.

Mt. Olympus  and the surrounding countryside is a  conservation area and free from pesticides and pollution.

Greece is rightly famous for its wonderful cheese.The range of St. Dionysisios cheeses are exceptional.

Our unique, premium feta goat cheese, in a secret combination of natural herbs, spices is bottled at source with sesame and virgin olive oil – keeping the cheese in peak condition and drawing out all its flavour.

This is a premium cheese that enhances any meal and whose natural purity promotes good health alongside incredible good taste.