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Our story

It all began on the fertile slopes of Mount Olympus, in the beautiful region of Pieria in the heart of Greece. Three friends, two Greek and one English, were trekking on the mountain and realised they shared a connection with both the land and its history. Each had different reasons but that was besides the point.
This connection was reinforced during the time they spent at the original Monastery of Saint Dionysios, dating back to 1543.. The Monastery is a very special place. There is a unique peace and also a harmony with the natural world that is difficult to describe.
The friends walked further up the mountain – on the same trails that were used by Greeks, thousands of years ago. They plunged into an ice-cold pool at the foot of a waterfall coming from the snow capped summit – the purest water to be found anywhere.
They discovered the natural foods and wine produced by the Monks and the people of the local community; a further link in a chain stretching back in time.
Most importantly, they appreciated that growing, producing and sharing natural food was a key element of a community and of life itself.
These values are much more than simply eating and drinking good, healthy, natural food and wine.So they established an enterprise that could bring this convergence of the purest food and philosophy to like minded people in the UK and elsewhere. An enterprise that would also benefit the local people in Greece and especially those in the community of Saint Dionysios Monastery and its surrounding towns and villages.
To reinforce these bonds with land and people, they spent time at the Monastery of Saint Dionysios and have become friends and partners with the Monks. This important foundation to the St. Dionysios range means that our food and wine will always be of the highest purity and quality.
The three friend are Konstantinos Kapelas, Gregory Savvinopoulos and David Robson. They would enjoy meeting you and sharing their journey –
one that has so much further to travel yet . . .

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware”                                                                                       – Martin Buber